Students will get education with world class robo technology – Indian Public School

Indian Public School on Thursday, Manager Kailashnath Dubey said that now students in the school will be able to learn with world-class robo technology.
Said that along with traditional education, students will get information about state-of-the-art computers, robotics, physics, internet of things, automation, aerospace technology, drones, human like robots, manual robots etc. With this, students will not only be able to contribute to the development of the country by acquiring world-class technical knowledge. Continuous initiative is being taken to enrich the school at the technical level. Now students will be able to take advantage of a new experience from smart class. Principal R.K. Usmani said that the state-of-the-art technology provided by Umaga Technology Private Limited will now benefit students in the lab. On this occasion, Ratnesh Mishra, Vinod Upadhyay, Prem Srivastava, Hemant Tripathi, Sanjay Singh, Baishali Singh, Alka Shrivastava, Virendra Singh etc. introduced the students to the modern lab. Aditya Pandey, Riya Chaurasia, Arpita Pandey, Shreya Singh, Zoya, Sajid, Ansh, Chaman, Anurag, Dev, Sumit, Shuchi, Vanshika as well as many students of the school had smiles on their faces when they saw the state-of-the-art lab. The students were particularly keen on the robot.

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